When is the best time to book my session?

For outdoor sessions, I usually like to book sessions within the first two hours of sunrise or sunset. But most importantly, I love to book around nap schedules! Very, very important. In-home sessions are scheduled according to nap schedules.

How far in advance should I schedule?

The sooner, the better! The calendar is usually booked 4 weeks in advance. Also keep in mind that Spring & Fall are very popular times. 

How do you coordinate newborn sessions?

When you schedule your newborn session, we will put you on the calendar within 10 days after your delivery. However, sometimes you may delivery earlier or later. Newborns take priority on the schedule due to their time sensitive nature. After your delivery we will touch base and confirm an exact date and time.

Do you photograph birthday parties?

Yes! I charge a fee of $450 for 90 minutes of coverage and includes a $150 credit towards prints & products.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

No problem! The session fee is non-refundable but transferable to up to six months. I will be very proactive in getting you back on the calendar.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes I do! Please see gift certificates for more information.




What to wear?

I love getting really creative with the clothing and accessories! The more fun, the better. But also something comfortable for them to move around in (if your kiddo is mobile) In-home sessions we can sift through your favorite collection of wardrobe and find what fits best for the shoot. On-location, you can bring a bag with 4+ of your favorite items. Hats, sunglasses, bows, favorite toys are always adorable. Steer clear of logos!

What to bring?

Your adorable kids. Don't forget the kids. Oh, and also bring snacks for extra energy! It's a lot of stimulation for any little kid to have a new person in their face with an electronic. So, we can take a break for a yummy snack to rejuvenate.  

Can we bring our pet?

No problem! It would just cost an extra subject fee for an additional $25

What if the weather isn't cooperating?

If you have an on-location shoot and looks like rain, we can move the shoot indoors or we can reschedule for a different day if you really had your heart set on some outdoor shots. Whatever makes you happy!

Do you need our help in getting the kiddos to cooperate?

I always love to work on my own and use all the tricks up my sleeves to get them to interact and look directly at the camera. Otherwise, you have a whole collection of up-angle shots. Let's see those eyes! However, there will be times where I need to enlist your expertise in what your little one finds funny or loves.


How many pictures do we get to choose from?

Each session you will review 40+retouched images.

When do I get to see the photos?

The proofs will be back from the lab 10 days after your session! We'll schedule a date and time to view them at your home or at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop to place your print & product order! Coffee and pastries on me, of course.


All images are printed on high gloss 3.5x5" prints for easy collection sorting and ordering. They are retouched to show the what the final product will look like.

Are the images in color or black and white?

You're in luck! I provide a good balance of the two. It mostly depends on what is better suited for the photo in post-edit. If you have a preference of one or the other, please feel free to specify when you book your session.

Do you offer digital images?

I do! You can purchase a low-res image for $40/each. This is perfect for sharing on social media platforms. With every print, you receive the file complimentary. Also available are phone apps for $90 which display all of the images from the shoot and are downloaded directly to your phone, making sharing so easy! Contact us for a full price list & product guide.

Why don't you offer a disc of the images?

I love to support the printing & display of beautiful artwork for your home and gifts for family! We live in a time where we have loads and loads of digital images just sitting on our computers waiting for you to design an album or print yourself. Truth is, life happens and you get busy and your projects get put on the back burner. What fun is that? Let me do the work for you. Print them, enjoy them, and one day pass them along to your grandchildren.