Saira + Prashant


"The photographs are beautiful!! They really captured the complete array of all Myra's moods and expressions which we have come to know and love so much. And of course the main highlight was having my mom be a part of it all :)

Thank you so so much!! I just sent the link to my parents and they are so utterly delighted with the photographs. They'll be getting some printed in India to hang up on the family wall. 

We hope to be booking another session with you in October/November for our Christmas card. And we're looking forward to it :)" 

Rica + David


"Oh my goodness, Lissie - absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  Thank you so much -- can't wait to see the rest.  Definitely would love to work with you again in the future!"

Anika + Arshad


"OMG!!!!!! These are the best photos ever...!!!"

Jennifer + Daniel


"Just emailed to say how much we loved the photos!  We're very excited - they really capture the kids' personalities, and you can tell what a great job you did putting the kids at ease and coaxing them through the process when tempers were fraying. Thank you!!!"

Irina + Marc


"Lissie is truly amazing and inspiring. She has such a great patience and knowledge how to entertain and keep the baby focused on the camera. We had a pleasure to meet her when out baby was only two weeks. The session was a gift and we were so worried. When she arrived she put us at ease, a session with a newborn is not an easy task. She has spent the entire afternoon, accommodating to the unsettled schedule of our boy. Thank you, Lissie, for becoming a photographer who we love and recommend to everyone. You are sweet and have a big heart and no wonder you are working with the babies and kids! You are wonderful!" 





"Lissie has been taking photos of my son for some time now - from the time he was very young right on through his toddler years (where he is now!). He's easily distracted and VERY active - but somehow Lissie manages to engage him and get the best photos ever. The last shoot we did was in Central Park - she pulled one funny toy after another from her bag and kept him completely fascinated for a good hour or so! And the photos were incredible. He was smiling and laughing and jumping up and down - things he will never do for me on command. Lissie is so approachable, so sweet and SO TALENTED. Highly recommend!!" 

Leslie + Mark



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